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A collective brand that inspires from its roots of the hip-hop culture. We resonate with great design and quality. You can support and buy in the next row below. Support great designs and your locals! If you're unsure of why you should support, here's four reasons.

This is an independent brand that strives and continue to put out quality work. We Are The Makers


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The story behind all this is to push what we love, great music and great design. Ambition Over Talent

Dedicated: To Every Forgotten Krew

This is a dedication to everyone who has put in the work to help blossom their city. The artists, promoters, dj's, mc's, graff writers, etc who has brought light to share with the world. We salute "The Makers" and we dedicate this season to you! One Love.

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Get to know STEL72 of Mix & Blend | Further Edukation Krew.

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STEL72 has came a long way from the graffiti days of Los Angeles/San Diego to designing for brands and huge corporations. He now runs a clothing brand and has emerged to be one of North County’s hardest worker.

Raised in Los Angeles in the 80s and mid 90s, STEL72 was fascinated by the culture of graffiti. He grew up writing on everything he could get his hands on – he was busted numerous times marking up school benches with white shoe polish in his Intermediate school days. His obsession with writing and handstyles became his go-to hobby.

His family moved to San Diego in the mid 90s, living in the Vista/Oceanside area. Though the atmosphere was different, STEL72 was able to link up with graffiti artists, bboys and MCs from around town. After finishing high school in 2000, he went to college in San Marcos where he met ADEZ aka HALF in a reading course where ADEZ was holding a Cypress Hill: Smoke Out flyer. The two started talking about hip-hop music and shows they had attended way back.

STEL72 never let his passion for art slip away. He’s made stickers and stencils that have dented San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and NYC. Always a fan of digital art, STEL72 enrolled himself in design school where he slowly began to craft his magic. He has worked on perfecting and sharpening his craftsmanship in design every day since. Working as a designer and graphic artist, STEL72 has worked with million dollar corporations, local mom and pop shops, and everything in between crafting well thought out designs.

STEL72 invested most of his savings into the company to make sure the name blossomed around town. He has network with fellow designers, musical artists, entrepreneurs and shop owners to expand the M&B name. There’s been a lot of support for the brand and it drives the company to better themselves. STEL72 continues to move the brand forward with new clothing and fresh marketing collaterals each season.

STEL72 runs his own print business and continues to freelance on the side while building Mix & Blend to further educate the masses.

The Family

These are the group that pushes the boundary to help bring awareness and culture to San Diego. Founded in the northern part of San Diego, The MIx & Blend Collective are always on the watch. Stay tuned as we bring more shows to San Diego, doing it bigger and better.


Owner & Creative Director







Mix & Blend Relaunch: Welcome!!

The last month was a total hit to the family as we lost our brother WIMPE. As we continue to push Mix and Blend with new products and future shows, we’ll also continue to push his name with our presence….

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